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New Pistola

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Got pissed about the lack of holsters for my Walther p38 and Ster M9 so I bought this.

Good old taurus...NIB for 290 plus shipping. Its like a Beretta 92 but it works. LOL.

Got a set of Firesites coming for it as we speak.

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Only against their Model 92 and especially against Beretta USA. Beretta Italy makes better guns. I have never seen a slide crack on a Taurus but I have seen plenty on Beretta 92s.
So do you have anything against my beretta USA 21A bobcat?
Nope...its a cute little pistol
it really is, just not good for anything, other then being cute.
Beretta and their holdings, benelli, franchi, stoeger sako, tikka, are going down hill at least availablity wise. Most of their products are now dealer direct, wit the exception of the pistols, which most people don't want anyhow. You have to be a BIG dealer like cabelas, gander mountain, dicks bass pro wally world ect. to get their products. The little guys can't get the stuff because they won't sell to the distributors they use, and they can't afford to stock the guns. The shop I use tried to get a 1 shot order for 32000$ they told him to pound sand becuase he isn't one of their dealers, and can't afford the overhead to become a "beretta" dealer. It's pretty bad when a compamy turns you away with cash in hand because you're not one of "their" dealers

Sorry about the rant but some of these companies just piss me off
They seem to forget that reputation mean alot in this industry. Keep it up and they may go the way of winchester
I guess you don't like the poor man's Ruger pistols?
I bought my dad a Ruger P85. They are just too bulky to carry and I dont care for the long pull on the single action trigger.
Shot her today and worked like a swiss watch...made in Brazil. ITs a soft shooter but I must admit my Steyr sights have spoiled me and I hate 3 dot sights. I am replacing them with eithe some firesights(have to have slide milled for a adjustable fronts) Or I will get an adjustable rear with the U outline profile.

I like it much better than every Beretta 92 I have ever shot. It feels more solid and is very smooth. Trigger is a little better on Berettas but mine is new and the ones I shot had about 2k rounds and one or 2 locking blocks through them by the time I shot them so mine will smooth up nicely. Trigger feels like the classic Walther in single action but with about 3 punds less pull on double action. Not bad for wht I paid at all. Id reccomend these over a Beretta any day. Shit the delaer cost is about 145 bucks below the Berretta so why pay more for a famous name stamped on a substandard product. Only Beretta USA pistol I liked was the Couger but they discontinues that. Dumbasses.
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nice pistol, when i turn 21 i will probably buy the taurus 24/7 Pro, they have been getting some great reviews and some bad one's. hopefully in a year they can get there shit straighten out enough to where it's only great reviews. i am also considering that pistol you bought. i am pretty sure 9mm is gonna be the first one. how good are the groups ur getting? the ammo you using, etc, etc. congrats on the new pistol. 218 is a steal.
Yay for pistols made in Brazil! (I love my SA made in Brazil) For $290 plus fees she looks like one hell of a deal.

Bobula said:
Still a bersa fanatic
Bersa makes great guns....just hard to ind stuff for.

I wasnt really trying to shoot for groups ( I was shooting at 25 yards and only put a couple mags through it so my groupings werent as good as the gun can shoot) I have read that 2.5-3 inch groups are the norm at 25yrds and you can shrink this by getting a national match barrel for them down to 1.75-2. Its good enough for a carry gun and I can hit any sized torso at 25yrds with it so I am happy.
paid $209 for my bersa, 2000+ rounds, no cleaning, only had one stovepipes when it got REALLY hot.
What model is it? I like the Thunder 9 and 40 hi cap fullsize guns. But the nice Thunder 32 and 380 ppk types are nice inexpensive pieces as well.
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