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New pistol suggestions...?

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Looking for a new gun.

Fairly simple requirements...

Girlfriend will be using it, so the following things are most important
1) Size/ergonomics. She has small hands, my xd-9 is too big for her.
2) Accuracy. It doesn't need to be competition accurate, but i think its better to have a gun that rewards practice (I'm trying to introduce her to shooting)
3) Recoil. She did ok shooting my friends .357 revolver (long barrel), but I think the xd was a little too light and snappy for her.

Obviously other things like reliablility and price are a factor, but I'm not too concerned about things as long as the first 3 conditions are met.
Gun will strictly be used for plinking/range use. Leanng towards smaller calibers for obvious reasons.

Any opinions on either Walther P22 or Sig Mosquito? I don't hear much about them, and when I do, it seems to be mixed at best. I've shot Ruger's .22 before, thats an option. Open to suggestions...
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Well for guns that are defense capable I have a few

Bersa 380 thunder- Excellent overall pocket gun, decent stopping power, very concealable, and great for smaller hands

S&W99 and/or Walther p99- Adjustable grip, excellent gun, several trigger configs to choose from

CZ75- Widely copied and loved gun, various options and calibers

EAA Witness- More economical CZ copy. More calibers available

For plinking

Beretta NEOS
Browning Buckmark
Ruger Any
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Mosquitos are just awful so dont even try them. The P22 had several early production issues that are now fixed related to loose parts and being very very ammo picky. They are still somewhat picky, but much better.

You might want to look into a used Walther P1. Very cheap and cool, and built for small hands since its a single stack magazine. The slides are very easy to rack as well.
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