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New pistol suggestions...?

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Looking for a new gun.

Fairly simple requirements...

Girlfriend will be using it, so the following things are most important
1) Size/ergonomics. She has small hands, my xd-9 is too big for her.
2) Accuracy. It doesn't need to be competition accurate, but i think its better to have a gun that rewards practice (I'm trying to introduce her to shooting)
3) Recoil. She did ok shooting my friends .357 revolver (long barrel), but I think the xd was a little too light and snappy for her.

Obviously other things like reliablility and price are a factor, but I'm not too concerned about things as long as the first 3 conditions are met.
Gun will strictly be used for plinking/range use. Leanng towards smaller calibers for obvious reasons.

Any opinions on either Walther P22 or Sig Mosquito? I don't hear much about them, and when I do, it seems to be mixed at best. I've shot Ruger's .22 before, thats an option. Open to suggestions...
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Thanks for the replies so far. FWIW gun will not be used for self-defense(at least I sure hope not). It's actually going to me my gun, staying at my house, and I already have better options at hand for HD. Range use only, thats why I'm leaning heavily towards .22, or other small and cheap calibers that would be less than ideal for SD.

The idea of a heavier 9mm isn't bad, but her hands are exceptionally small/weak so I'm weary of anything full size without her holding it first. She can't even cock the hammer on a revolver with her shooting hand, she has to use her suport hand. I don't think she could rack the slide on my XD.

Can anyone quantify just how bad p22 and mosquitos are? It tough to read internet testimonials and figure out the frequency/seriousness of some issues. Are the issues blown out of proportion, on target, understated, etc.? Either way, I'm off to the store to check some of these out in person.

Thanks all for the input thus far, keep it coming I'm open to all suggestions. I'm a little out of my element on this one.
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