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new pistol and shotgun

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I just ordered me two new guns, a new glock 22 with night sights and a remington 870 with 7 shot mag and synethic stocks i'll post a pic up as soon as i get them
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yeah i really wana see a pic of that remington
Sweet! Congrats! :D Don't forget to post pics!
2 excellent choices!
Remington 870 Synthetic Super Magnum Express FTW!

First time I ever shot a gun (2 weeks ago, I know, but I'm addicted already), my friend made me shoot this gun. Man did it have a kick!

Then I got to shoot his rock river arms Entry Tactical AR-15.

Hey welcome to gunatics suby1128! Glad to have you in tha fold. You got to start with some cool guns. :)
Thanks Jamz. Yeah, it was really exciting. I was shaking after shooting for the first time, the shotgun made the air move around me, and dimmed the lights (I'll try and get a video next time).

I'm looking forward to owning my own gun, but that won't happen for at least a year. I was born in Scotland and moved here when I was 9. My paperwork is still going through for citizenship (my parents did it before me, so they already are citizens). Besides that, I have to wait until I move outta my parents house (my mum will never allow a gun under her roof, gotta respect her wishes).

I'm thinking about a Glock 30, or at least one of their .40 Handguns. Going to the firing range tomorrow with my gf and her dad with his little .22, but I may rent something bigger while we're there.

Looking forward to reading around on here and learning more!

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Its not a bad idea to get comfortable shooting something small like a .22.
If you shoot something large and start developing a flinch, it can take awhile to overcome this habit.
BTW welcome to Gunatics!
I went out today with my girlfriends brother and dad, we shot a Walther P22 and a Glock 19 (9 mm). Those were fun, the .22-as you said- helped me get used to firing a gun a little better, and then I felt a lot more comfortable with the Glock. The 9mm had a punch to it, but just the right amount. from a good 10 yards (I'm not really sure on that distance, it was about halfway down the pistol range). I was managing to group them all together in a 4 Square Inch box, so I was pretty pleased with that.

They seemed pretty impressed for it being my 2nd time firing guns, so I guess I was doing okay :)

Welcome to the dark- side suby, you on your way to becoming a true addict and they don't have 12 step programs for this shit lol :twisted:
I just picked up the guns but i decided to get a kel-tec instead of another glock (mainly because i'm broke :cry:)

here is the kel-tec

and here is the shotgun with my AR
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