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PM6 3320
The 3320 is a compact flashlight made of Xenoy polymer that's light weight, corrosion proof, and extremely strong. The body is molded with a no-slip grip pattern and it comes with a sturdy black oxide coated steel clip. The switch is conveniently located in the tail for constant on or momentary action. Our exclusive Xenon lamp, used in many of our flashlights, is super bright and durable. It is powered by 2 CR123 lithium cells (included) that have a long shelf life. The M6 3320 - light in weight, big in performance.

Minimum Pack 6 ea.
Packaged Weight: 5.9 oz.

Cat. # Description Sug. Retail
3320 PM6 3320 (Carded) $34.95
3330 PM6 3330 LED (Carded) $59.95

They're going for $25 Xenon / $40 LED on various cop shop sites.

If I didn't already have a 6P, a G2 and a Strion, I"d get one just to check it out.

Having carried all of the above in a rear pocket on/off duty, and the 6P in a V70 holster on duty, The pocket clip design of the Pelican light seems to be a very nice, smooth compromise between no clip, and the sharp clips on some of the more expensive Surefires.

Somebody get one of these and post a review! Seacrest, OUT!!!

Edit: found my Strion. w00t.

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i just noticed that the LED is only 41 lumens, but has a 40 hour run time.

i want to see some reviews on it at that candle power site
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