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**New Members, Check in Here!**

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I see you all lurking out there. Check in here and introduce yourself! :)
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I'm Sandy. I like long walks on the beach and like rubbing sand in my mangina.

Did I just say that?
Hello, my name is Bob and I’m an addict. … Oh wait wrong site, let me start again. Hello, my name is Bob and I’m an addict …
Hi my names Sandy Vagina... doh... nm...

LOL!!! and we wonder why we scare peeps from posting.
Wazzzzz upppp!!!

My name is Henry Postalot but I go by '9one1KiluH4reelSTi'.
Oh and before we get to far, liberals suck and I'm sick of all that PC shit too....what the fuck?!

Yeah so anyway I got my Glock cocked .40, .45, .46 and fitty too.
Have to keep them hatas 'round the blok on lok ya heard!
Don't front on ya boy Jimmy.

So thats all I got.
Anybody know where I can find a Galil or MP5?
I saw them shits on the military channel last night and them joints is tight son.


- know the rest fool
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Drill Sergeant, immediate action for a malfunction on an M16A2 assault rifle is:


Slap the bottom of the magazine to ensure it is locked properly
Pull the charging handle to the rear
Observe the chamber for blockage
Release the charging handle
Tap the forward assist
Squeeze the trigger

Shoot to kill, drive on, DRILL SERGEANT!!!!!!

Six years gone by, and I still remember it word for word. God, I miss that shit.
Wait, what were we talking about? Oh yeah. Hi, I'm Shad. Guns aren't bad, M'kay. You can quote me on that.
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goddamn you people! :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

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Hey guys,

My name is Craig, and I live in Atlanta, Georgia. I go to Georgia Tech, and the classes suck. I moved here from the UK nine years ago with my parents. Just recently got interested in guns, when my friend (a marine) took me to the range with his Remington 870 Super Express Magnum 12 Ga. shotgun, Rock River Arms Entry Tactical AR-15, and a Smith & Wesson .40 Pistol (unsure of the model).

I applied for citizenship (currently a green card holder) about a month ago, so should get it in about a year. Yes, you can go to the firing range as long as you are supervized if you are a greencard holder :D .

From what I hear, GA is one of the more gun friendly states around, which relieves me as much as much as it scares me (Atlanta has a somewhat high crime rate, I've had several friends jacked at gun point).

Looking forward to learning more about different guns before I decide to make my own purchase.

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I don't think you have to be a citizen to own a gun in this country.
I think you're right actually. I just never bothered to look into it, assuming that I wasn't allowed to said:
(See Title 18, USC Chapter 44, Section 922, part (y)(2) for details.)

Green-card holders and immigrant aliens who do not yet have their green card are both okay under federal law, although many people (including gun dealers, law enforcement officers, etc.) are not aware of the distinction or the hunting license exception, and erroneously think that either you have a green card, or you can't have guns.

Also, non-citizen cannot purchase a firearm from a federally licensed firerams dealer unless they have been a resident of their state for 90 days. So, no, tourists on short visits cannot walk into guns stores to get "protection" during their trip. Sorry. (I've been asked that multiple times.)
This could just be my state, but the single form you have to fill out does ask if you're a legal citizen. (Although I notice it doesn't actually say you must be a citizen to buy)

I just want to know if it was a S&W Sigma .40F? I want one of those things... :D
I'm pretty sure he said it was the S&W SW990L Polymer Frame
hi, don't really talk to much, just read alot. my name is john. I'll be around reading alot and if i feel tickled by the subject i might pop in and comment on it, like this. :shock:
Scirion said:
I just want to know if it was a S&W Sigma .40F? I want one of those things... :D

Trust me you dont want a sigma if you arent used to shooting double action revolvers alot. The heavy trigger pull is a pain if you arent used to it. But I have seen seasoned wheelgun men get 3-4 inch groups with them.
Hi, just joined.

I own a .22 rifle, a 20ga and a 12ga shot gun. All quite old, but they work. :D

Also enjoy screwing around with paintball/airsoft/pelet guns.

Looking to purchace a handgun soon and hopefully be more active about shooting. I really enjoy it but I just don't get to do it that much. If I go ahead and make the investment on a decent gun, I figure it will motivate me. And that's why I've joined here.

Welcome John! Welcome Pre-diddy! :D

i'm an old new user. just havn't gotten around to posting. (nabisco is down, what a perfect opportunity!)

so hi,

i have a couple of pistols inherited from gramps. A national match colt 45, and another national match that chambers 38 special wadcutters (a rare bird) havn't fired the 38 yet because i don't ahve any magazines for it. I fired the 45 with regular jacketed ammo at the range one time, and discovered after the fact that i should only run wadcutter in it because the slide and spring are so light. (didn't crack the slide luckily) I was stupid accurate with it for the 100 or so rounds i ran through it. Between the glock 17 I rented, and my friend's sig 229, and the colt NM, it really was no contest. the groupings were way more consistent and closer to the bullseye with teh NM. I even shot some off one handed bullseye stance style, and it felt very natural with this pistol.

So now I'm half-heartedly looking for a either a sig or a 1911 of some sort to shoot on a more regular basis. I'm leaning toward the 1911, and I'd like to have one in 9mm (though some would call blasphemy on that inclination)

anyhow, thats it.
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nice to find this place... actually my brother in-law suggested I come here and check it out.. and I'm glad I did... .

I had and HK USP .45 and a Taurus 9mm... they were stolen about a week ago and I am now looking for replacements... being in California though doesn't help being I was hoping to get the HK USP .45 Tacitcal... so any suggestions on what I may want to take a look at?
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