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New hunting rifle

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I currently have a Ruger .30-06 that I use for deer hunting. Its a great rifle, very accurate, but after a long day of beating the bush it gets a bit heavy.

I'm currently looking at the T/C Pro Hunter, as its small, light and configurable to a number of different calibers. I know someone on here sells guns and was wondering if he (Adler?) can get me a price on a Pro Hunter in 7mm-08.

The other question, and the main reason for posting, is that I'd also like a Model 94 type lever action or a Colt Lightning type pump in 44 or 41 Mag. Uberti makes some replicas of each, but nothing in 44 or 41 Mag. I'm having trouble finding a manufacterer that makes either. Does such a gun exsist? I DO NOT want anything in 30-30, as I already have 3 such Model 94s.

Thanks pre-emptively for any help,
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The Pro hunter will run you 650-850 depending on configuration and dealer profit. I'm guessing your talking about the Pro Hunter pistol. The rifle only comes with 28" barrels and weights as much as your Ruger does.

Seveal companies make Colt lightning replicas but they're only chambered in calibers eligiable for cowboy action shooting .22, 38/357 44/40 and .45lc

The Win 94 hasn't been off the market long enough for patents to expire and replicating to begin. I doubt we'll see any replicas in our lifetime.
Actually I was interested in the P/H rifle, but seeing that it weighs the same, its no longer a candidate.

I already have a .41 Mag Taurus Titanium pistol for hunting with. Looks like Ill just be stickin with one of the Model 94s I have laying around.

and I was looking forward to having an excuse to buy a new gun,
What about a Ruger Compact, Rem M7 or Browning Micro. They're a 6lb guns and come in 7-08.
I want something different then the bolt rifles I have now. I was thinking some kind of Cowboy era replica, it would have to be in .357 Mag, which, from all the ballistics charts Ive looked at hold sufficient energy out to 75 yards to kill a deer reliably.

I really like the idea of the Lightning, Im just left wondering how accurate/ reliable it is.

Jeremy- where in PA are you from?
The Taruas Lightning is quite accurate, My FFL has 1 that he uses for cowboy action and single action shoots.

If you're on the psu main campus I'm about 125miles east of you.
Im at main campus, but Im from just north of Allentown, around Blue Mountain/ Beltzville Lake.
I love my Remington 700, was passed down to me from my Dad. Only thing that’s gone wrong with it, which is 100% my fault, when I was trying to pull the bolt out to clean the gun, I broke whatever it is that actually keeps the bolt from coming out during operation, so now when I shoot it I’ve gotta be careful or I’ll actually pull the entire bolt out of the gun
@Franco S. Cruz - please be aware that you have responded to a thread that had its last post more than 15 years ago.

However, you should have a gunsmith look at your Remington. That bolt issue needs to be addressed.
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