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I've got almost $1000 and i don't know what i want. I've got a beretta 21A, Ruger P85, and a Glock 27. I've been debating between a Browning Hipower or a bersa......... any suggestions?
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Bersa's hi cap thunder series are really nice pistols that are more modern than the Hi Power and have more features...but if you are into vintage arms there is no better addition than a hi power.
Yeah, the BHP is a classic- it's always been on my "to get" list, but I haven't gotten one yet.

No experience with the Bersa though.
USP .45 Tactical. I had that exact same situation once. 1,000 burnin a hole in my pocket, wanted a new pistol. I went with the USP Tactical and I don't regret it one bit. Now I just have to go through the ATF paperwork hell to get a supressor, because I've got the money set aside :twisted:
well the problem is i have very small hands. USP is just to damn big, and i live in CA, so anything Hi-cap isn't allowed, haha. The only thing i didn't like was the BHP got VERY hot and started doing things that hot things do.
I, too have been wanting a browning hi-power... I'll probably wait a while since I have some expensive rifles in my sights. :uzi:
Thos FM Hi Powers made in argentina are really good. They are made to spec but have a colt 1911 slide profile instread and they are about half the price of a Browning or FN hi power. They also have that polycoat type finish you see on CZ guns.
FM hipower? enlighten me ohhhhh wise one.
FM is the Argentine version of FN in Belgium. Basically means the same thing in Spanish instead of French. They were a FN contractor for years but now make an interesting copy that is both accurate, reliable, and fully compatable to the more expensive FN Herstal Hi Powers. Only diff is the finish and slide profile is more like a 1911 oddly enough. They also make a nice 22lr conversion kit for the Hi power.

It will be the first Hi Power I will buy...but right away I will strip teh polycoat and blue it. I just love blued guns.

SARCO sells them btw...abotu 300 new.
got a pic? or a link to a pic?

BTW they have a compact version as well.
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