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I don't have a huge collection as of yet, but I just bought a house and wanted to get a safe to keep my guns and important documents. Dicks is having a sale on these things. Don't know a lot about what makes a good safe, but this should do for my purposes. 30 minutes fire protection @ 1400 F, 16 gun capacity on the rifle side(convertible to 24, but I'll keep pistols and documents on the right), probably not the beefiest out there, but it weighs a good 300 lbs or so. I was going to bolt it to the floor, but when I got it home I found out the only way to fit it into the closet it's in was to lift the door off it's hinges to slim it up a little more. I may still bolt it down, but if somebody is determined enough to pull it out of a closet it won't fit out of then I don't know how much 2 floor bolts will help.

Looks like my closet was made for a gun safe to slide in.

Definitely need some more long guns in my collection, next up M1A I think.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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