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Need help - IE6.0

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Ok, my work PC is setup for IE6.0 only. I have no choice.....

Someone screwed with my buttons for IE6.0. I want the buttons back to the default locations. How do I get them setup as default? I tried the right-click on top and "customize" option, but that is too confusing.

My IE looks like this and the bottom task bar is fubared and wont stay visible even though I have "Lock the task bar" checked.

Please help. My fubared IE config is below:

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On the menu bar, Tools->internet options->advanced there is a REstore Defaults button, that might work.
Fuck IE, go with Mozilla Firefox. The built in popup blocker kicks ass and it's faster than IE.
On the subject of the taskbar auto-hiding, right click on it, and they may be an option right there that says "Auto-hide the taskbar". If there isn't, click Properties, and there should be a checkbox that says it, uncheck it and click OK.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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