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Need detachable mag for yugo SKS

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I finally took the new SKS to the range to test it out. Now I know some people swear by the original attached mag but I dont want to live with such a short mag capacity (5 I think it is, not sure). Anywho I bought a steel 30 round mag from a gun show and tried it out. And sure enough it didnt work well. The follower was getting stuck about 10 rounds down the mag. But mostly after the last round was fired the bolt grabbed the top of the follower and jammed it into the mag. So I pitched it in the trash. I fired some more rounds feeding them one at a time in the bore by hand. I looked at a plastic mag that seemed to be better but couldnt try it out. Does anybody know of a good mag that works with a yugo SKS?
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Rifletech makes a guaranteed to work detach but they are over 60 bucks per mag and not worth it since they are just modififed USA mags. Down the road they will most likely mess up if they do anything with the feed lips.

Stick with the fixed 10rd that it came with. Even teh 20rd Fixed ones from china are crap and jam all the time. Not as much as a detach but still too much to be worth it.

You may want to save up and buy the Norinco SKS made to take AK mags instead. I see them go for 350-400 like new all the time on Gunbroker or Auctionarms.
Thats a 1 in 100 thing then cause I have seen only a few work decently after a ton of mods....especially on Yugo and Romanian guns.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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