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need an svd

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have been looking 4 an svd for a whole year and cant find 1, can some1 help a friend out???
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no a real SVD from the 1960's

no PSL's thanks
well thanks for the info u could spare

oh, and cool uber man pic :)
but i dont live in kaliban, the orange kurtain :)

and they say we live in freedom.....

*takes patriotic pose*

i say we should take out the older laws and re-write them for non gun states, if we are to carry on the second ammendment right on to our children and them to theres, then damnit i aint gonna go down without a fight....

can i get an amen.......

and yes bruce a russian SVD would b nice. :)
right on

hahahahaha YEAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!1!!! *cough* AAAAGHHHH!!!!!!1one eleven111 *sputter, cough* *passes out*
*mummble* *avatars a DICK* *cough*
ohhhh, budge off.......

Back seat, Trunk space...
1 - 14 of 43 Posts