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Preface: The thread as posted by Jamz in the CCW area toward the quadrapeligic gentleman, which I just noticed today, reminded me of this very sage blog posting.
Generally I am not a fan of blogs and such but this specific entry I happened across entirelry by accident and I bookmarked it as I felt it was entirely on point and useful for future use in battle with antis.
BTW this blog entry was made by a female.


Sunday, March 05, 2006

My Way is Right Or You're A Sissy

I've recently come across a 6' 3", 200-ish pound man in the prime of his life and physical capabilities who's said something along these lines: "Guys who use handguns are pussies. You've got two fists and they work."

Congratulations, Mr. Prime and Healthy. I know you broke the arm of a guy who tried to mug you at screwdriver-point. You escaped just fine with your own brute force and didn't need a gun. Good for you. Really. Martial arts is a great thing. But what works for you isn't what works for everybody else, whether they want to utilize it or are capable of using it.

But calling gun-using men pussies? That's harsh. Let's dissect that thinking for a minute.

Apparently, this guy thinks that somehow in this world, there's such thing as a fair fight. Or maybe he's one of these guys who think that because he's got a belt or two in whatever martial arts, that means that we who chose the route of the handgun must be cheaters, like we chose an easy way out.

(Since he's directing this at men, I'll try to leave out discussion about us ladies. Heaven forbid one of us little ladies has a gun!)

I remember this same guy had no response when he was asked what a handicapped or elderly man was supposed to do. I suppose grandpa is supposed to tackle a strong, youthful man with his bare hands and hope for the best. Maybe wheelchair-guy is supposed to, as well. Or maybe he doesn't consider these people worthy of using up oxygen in the first place and should just bend over and be good victims.

You know what I think? I think this guy needs to realize that the handicapped men, the elderly men, and even the physically capable, strong, youthful men maybe don't want to get into a bloody fistfight, get broken bones, missing eyes, knocked out teeth, and possibly end up as bloody pulps who are so injured they can't provide for their families anymore, or they end up trading blood with their attacker and getting some weird disease. And so they resort to using tools, something man has done since they they figured out opposable thumbs were handy. Tools have made tasks more manageable. Tools have helped the smaller equalize with the strong.

Mr. Tough Guy, if you want to get into a bloody life-and-death fistfight and feel better walking out thinking you fought a gallant fair fight, that's your business. I also want you to know that surviving one screwdriver attack doesn't serve as your model standard for other men to live by. It's not your "see I told you so" event that proves that all you ever need are your fists.

There are men wiser than you. They have been in far more battles than you, who have been in knife fights, gun battles in military and civilian scenarios, and there was even one incident where one took a man's arm off with a shovel. The men I described are my personal friends. And they all carry guns. They've been there and done that many, many times, and don't live in the rosy-colored world that you do where men must solve life and death scenarios with their fists as some kind of weird male ritual (there ain't no such thing as a fair fight in life, pal). These men are old enough to be my dad. They have lived this long because their tool-using capabilities have been very useful. They know what works for them and what has helped them survive. So, Mr. Prime and Healthy, you look these men square in the eye and call them pussies.

I think this man has a problem with his manhood. I think he's offended that he uses his hands and is quite effective with them, and then here's a smaller, weaker guy, a crippled guy, an elderly guy, or even a man of equal or better physique who can get the same or better result with some good tools and training.

It also goes back to the ancient mate-seeking standards where females would choose the bigger, stronger male over the one who was smaller and weaker, because he represented the better mate who could provide for the family and be the seed-bearer for strong children. Today, women can not only defend themselves (heaven forbid!), but can choose the skinny, four-eyed pencil-pusher over the brute-force jock. Physical prowess is no longer at the top of the list of Advantages like it used to be (in fact, there was a long period of history where brute strength was undesirable, because it was considered a "hard labor, lower class" ability). So not only can physically adept guys no longer chest-thump their advantage over the other men in dealing with mates, they can't in self-defense (the other Manly-Man Area of Expertise), either. With these advantages gone, they strike out with short, vulgar words to try to lower the others to their insecure level. I've noticed nerd pops out of this guy's mouth often. Why does he hate nerds so much?

There's no magical amulet for self-defense. The one who uses his hands may find himself against multiple opponents and wish he had some equalization. The tool user may find himself without tools or broken tools and wish he had some hand-to-hand skills.

But for one to claim that what he's got is the end-all, be-all and that everyone else is a pussy? It's penis envy in a very sad form. Get over yourself.

- Janq

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Fist fighting

Fist fighting yeah sure its a good way to defend yourself,But it gets boring after a while and it sucks,I'd love for some prick to try and rob me his brain would be all over the pavement and id get that satisfaction of knowing that this prick will never harm anyone again,If you use your fists chances are youll get your ass kicked or youll just hurt the other guy real bad hell go to jail and then 10 years later get out and do the same thing again.
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