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My shoulder hurts...

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Yes, so after around 6 months of owning a Benelli Nova Pump 12 gauge, I finally got to shoot it. Yes, my shoulder hurts after around 20-25 shots. Yes, it was awesome, compared to a 9mm Glock. :mrgreen:

So, a few questions until I get a chance to take a class or two. (On maintaining it, saftey, etc.)

How should I have it positioned against my shoulder? I think I was doing it correctly, but from what I read on another gun forum, my shoulder shouldn't hurt. ;) As a note on that, I'm a very thin person. (About 6' 2" ish, 155 lbs.)

How often should I clean it? This was the first time I've shot it since I got it, and we went through 25 rounds. Should it be OK for a while, or should I clean it?

Pics: (Sorry if they're a bit big, it apperently didn't resize them like I told it to)

First shot, 25 feet.

Next few shots, 75 feet

I had one more target, but it wasn't all that impressive. There also wasn't much left of it. ;)
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Depending on load and the fact your new to it, you should brusie the first few times....I bruise 1-2 times when I first ago out a year and then I toughen up and I am 6'1 and 235lbs.

Just hold the damn thing tight to your shoulder and you will be fine. Pumps, over and undrs, and side by sides always kick harder than a semi auto cause the action of the semi auto bosorbs some energy. Your NOVA has alot more polymer in it so its gonna kick more cause its light.
BTW I clean my shottys every 1-2 hundred rounds. Unless you have a slug barrel then clean it more often so the rifling stays clean.
Ok, cool... Thanks It's just too bad the range will only let me shoot it when they're slow. :( (As in, we're basically the only people there.)

Oh, a couple other questions, that I'm pretty sure I know the answer to, but I want to make sure. (I think the answer is yes to both)

Is there supposed to be a puff of what appears to be smoke as you eject a spent shell?

And, is the barrel supposed to get warm/hot to the touch?
Yes to both. Soem ammo burns dirtieer and does that and of course teh explosion and friction of the round going off and down the barrel creates heat

I cant remember if the NOVA uses a inertia type system where it partially ejects itself like the WInchesters used to or is it still locked completely foward when you fire teh shot and dont operate the slide? If it locks tight it will recoil more. My Win 97 trench gun kicks like hell with 2 3/4 ammo compared to my S&W and CZ Semi Auto 12ga
Nova'a lock up tight and you pay the price in your shoulder for it
I got an old rem. 1100 off this old lady in a trade for a was hers, -- she used it when she was a big shot at GE or Texas Instruments, and even got a shooting coach.. I asked her If she ever broke it down and cleaned it, and she looked at me with the crazy eye...the 1st time out with it at the Trap range I hit 41 of 50, with zero falure.
I have an old Rem 1100 Magnum. They dont need much cleaning....only every 800 rounds or so but I like to keep mien immaculate and clean it every 200. Sometimes you catch parts going if you pull constant upkeep on your guns. I rearely use ti cause I haev a CZ auto I dont mind beating up since it utilitarian.
There's a serious problem with my new Nova... Already. :(

It's bloody addicting, I want to go to the range every day!!! :laugh:
I clean my Remington 1187 after each clay shooting trip.

I just can't stand a drity gun. :laugh:
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