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So my future father in law bought this for me for an engagement gift (Thanks to my fiancee telling him about how much I talk about this damn thing).

I got the highest end model, the "Rolls Royce 1050 Borealis". It uses a 3-D cell maglight body, but every single other part is different, even the finish, reflector, EVERYTHING.

Out of the box I charged it and didn't read the directions... Turned it on and blew up the light bulb! (doh!) Apparently the batteries hold too much charge and have to sit for about an hour after a charge to be able to use it, which I didnt know. They make a bleeder that hooks up to the batteries that drain the batteries in 40 seconds rather than an hour so it takes care of that issue.

It shipped with an extra bulb and I put it in... HOLY CRAP! I compared my 6D cell maglight to it... You can't even see the beam of the regular maglight when the Borealis is on. It's not blue, purple, etc... It's like sunlight... WHITE with a slight hint of yellowish. It's not a beam... it just puts out a TON of light.

I have a lot of f'ing flashlights, this is by far the best that I've EVER used... Even better than the dual HID light my friend has (which is all bulky and stuff).

If you want a serious flashlight, better than almost any light in the world, a light that is capable of catching newspaper on fire, then this is your light.

PS: Don't look directly into the beam at ANY time... I made this mistake and was seeing purple for about an hour.

I also aimed it at my leg from like 2 feet away for about 5-6 seconds and it started to burn! have a big ass red spot on my leg now! lol

Their customer service is top notch as well.

Streamlight UltraStinger 75,000 cp / 295 lumens:
(twice as bright as a maglight)

and this is the Borealis 1050 lumens, 45min runtime, rechargeable NiMH AA's widely available:

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