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My recently refurbished/cutomized duty 870.

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I just finished customizing/refurbishing my old duty Remington 870 shotgun. I got ride of the old Choate pistol grip stock and decided to go all the way. I had to refinish her due to some rust on the reciever. I installed a Mesa Tactical stock, Tasco PDP dot sight, Typhoon H2X weapon light, Lasermax laser, Scattergun Technologies magazine extension, M.I. single point sling attachment with Blackhawk MOUT quick-release single point sling, CAA collapsible stock adapter with CR123 battery holders, back bored chamber, Tactical picatinny fore-end with a Tango Down vertical fore grip, and a complete action job on the internals.

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Looks amazing! I love how the painting of the optics/ring and riser make it look more substantial them a 1" tubed reddot ;) Did you refinish in Foliage Green? Or is that OD + Camera Flash?
XXG3XX - Since, I back bored the chamber, recoil is straight back and no muzzle rise. I liked to use the Brenekke slugs in mine and Federal premium buck shot. Even with out a rubber recoil pad the weapon does not beat up your shoulder. I ran 350 Brenekkes and 200 OO Federal Buckshot yesterday and my shoulder isn't sore or bruised.

ORCA - The flash did make the O.D. green come out weird. Now I got to see the look on some criminals face when I pull her out! :)
Nose Nuggets said:
thats a bad ass 870.

and a bad ass khukuri.

It's a Himalayan Imports Gelbu Special.

My friend started the business of importing original Khukuris from Nepal. When he passed away, his wife took over. His wife Yandhu comes from a family of real Gurkha soldiers. Since the average income in Nepal is about $100 a year, buying a Khukuri from their business will set up a family for a full year! Life time warenty on the Khukuris (handles and blades). :D
How much are they shipped all the way to the states? i would be extremely interested in a Khukuri from Nepal.
BA, you next need to R.I.S. mount your Khukuri to your 870. Pump-n-Slice!
The shipping is from Reno, Nevada (business home base). They are imported from Nepal.
ORCA said:
BA, you next need to R.I.S. mount your Khukuri to your 870. Pump-n-Slice!

Hmmm....... that might work! I recall seeing a type of bayonet used by the Gurkhas that was similar to the Khukuri. :-D
BA, you next need to R.I.S. mount your Khukuri to your 870. Pump-n-Slice!

Hmmm.... a new "stand-off" device ! :)
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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