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my plinker armory..

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here are my only guns, chambered in .22 WMR and .22 LR..

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Coke cans beware!!!


When are you going to step up to a real caliber? Dude, just get an AK, they are cheap, relable, and ammo is cheap too. Much more fun to shoot... and you can say that you own an AK-47. :)
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"real caliber" will come soon.. just can't decide if i want it in a handgun or a long gun. and i really dunno about an AK. i REALLY like the idea that they'll still fire after being to hell and back, but i don't like that they do that at the expense of lower tolerances..
So what, $300 .

You're never going to find that perfect rifle. It doesn't exist.
sure it does! it just costs way more money than i can spend. for $300 an AK or AK variant might make sense. how easy it it to fit one with a dragunov-style stock? :twisted:

edit: pretty easy. cheap too..

Dooooo iiiiit.

Great starter rifle.
You can buy dragunov type wooden stocks for them if you shop around long enough.

Yeah the AK has looser tolerances but you really dont see much effect on accuracy compared to an AR until after 300 yards or so if your AK is built right. The AK was my first semi auto rifle and I love mine.

For 500 bucks you can get an AMD 65 AK which kicks ass through Vector Arms.
HAhahha, Adler and I are the AK pushers.
But beware of CTD. Because their shipping prices are NOT CTD. Here's what people on their own forums post about their customer service.

I own a Norinco... AK's are fun!
ORCA said:
But beware of CTD. Because their shipping prices are NOT CTD.
i was going to order some stuff from them one time but it was cheaper for me to drive there and pick it up then it was for them to ship it
Personally, I've never been that much of a fan of shooting AK's. Granted, they're tougher than a jailyard bully, but I've never actually liked shooting them. I just don't like the feel of them. To each his own, though, but I'm still going to state the fact that they're one of the best weapon designs of the modern age. You can't really take that away from them, no matter what your personal tastes are. (I'm a bolt action kind of guy at heart)
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