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My new Walther P99AS!

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I'm sure a bunch of you saw it on NASIOC, but I assumed I might as well post it here for any additional comments. I love the sucker thus far!

Finally! It arrived today, and I payed for the rest of it. I'm totally psyched. I definitely made the right decision on which handgun to pick. You might remember the other thread in which I tried to decide between the CZ P01, the Springfield XD, and the Walther P99.

The AS trigger is definitely something to behold. Such a great feeling. And it is indeed 100% German made, just imported by Smith and Wesson.

So, here are pics that my roommate took while I was out (he btw, is a few days away from purchasing the Springfield XD .45ACP 5" Tactical model)


However, I didn't even notice it until I got back with it, but I noticed this scratch on the slide. Kinda pissed me off. I know I didn't do it.

Anyway, yay for gun porn! I was also surprised, as the date code for it was AG, meaning it was a brand new 2007 model. Very cool.
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Hans said:
Is it just me, or does it seem a poor idea that the photographer for pic #2 was standing downrange from the weapon with a round in the chamber?

The round is not chambered. Even if the gun were to fall over and some how causing the slid to close (chambering the round), this weapon is not going to discharge.
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