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my new fancyness

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CX4 Storm in .40 S&W....came with carry case, CX4 sling, 2-11rd mags, bottm side and top rails, Beretta vertical foregrip....its sweet...shoots great, at 50 yds sitting i can put 2 mags in a group the size of a CD...i am just breaking it in. i bought it used but it didnt look like she previous owner shot more than a box through it. upcoming mods include a surefire for the left rail, an EOTEC if i can afford one for the top, and an OD green paintjob...
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Let me get out my running list of guns I want but can't own here and add that one... lets see here... C X 4... there we go. Added.

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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