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I thought I'd post up my John Wick 2 Combat Master. This gun is just awesome.

I've had it one year now - And, it took 14 months of waiting to get it back, but it was worth it!

It is a fantastic gun to shoot. Easily the most accurate handgun I own. Their trigger work is excellent. Best Glock trigger I have ever felt. It breaks at 2lbs 11oz on average.

Also, they recontoured the grip a little, along with the texturing. The stock G17/34/45 grip is just a tiny big too big for my hands. Not anymore, on this gun. When comparing my stock Glock 34 to this gun, you can also see that they changed the grip angle.

Recoil - wow. TTI lightens the slide, and then they spring the gun very lightly - so it is about as light as you can get and still work. When I saw the videos of Taran Butler talking about how he cuts down on recoil with this setup, I didn't really believe it much, as I have had 14 months to think about it while I waited....

When you see the videos of them shooting, the gun doesn't appear to move any less in their hands. But damn, when you shoot it - it is true. His setup really works... The recoil is very noticeably less than a stock Glock 34.

I shoot one hole in the target most of the time...

This John Wick Glock gun shoots as well as three high end 1911s I used to own. But, I like the lighter weight of it compared to a steel 1911. In fact, I liked it so much that within 1 month of getting it, I sent a second Glock off to Taran Tactical... A 5th Gen Glock 19. Assuming the wait is the same (approx 14 months), I hope to get that gun back in 2 more months...
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