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my first trip to the range

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i went to a gun range for the first time i used a .22 semi automatic pistol and a .22LR i did better with a siloutete target i didnt keep it but the next time i go im gonna ask my parents if they will let me keep it
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Congrats man!

Fun yes?
Glad you had opportunity to give it a hand and someone appears to have been thinking by starting yout with a .22 rather than shoving a .308 or .40 in your hands and saying "good luck".

- Janq
yeah well a .22 dosent have a big kick back and i did some great grouping on a silloute target 20 shots in the center
.22LR is a great way to get started.
When I take people who have never shot before thats the first thing I out in their hands if one has been available to me to rent or borrow.
I just picked a .22 conversion for myself.

I personally really like shooting .22LR.

- Janq
Congrats, and welcome to a lifetime hobby! :D
By hobby, he means addiction. Always trying to twist words, Jamz.
after shootng a 44mag a bit the 22 sure feels better on my wallet.

Cant wait for mine to get here
I still remember my first, Snub Nosed .38 Special 6 round.......
I still remember my first snubbies 357 Ruger...that lasted about a month before I sold it.
Heh, first time I fired a weapon I was 8 and my Uncle handed me a 12Ga with magnum loads in it...... asshole...
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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