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Alright anyone out there that knows browning 1919's? Well I figured out a long time ago that would be my next gun... ok... A few guns ago I figured it would be my next gun... I want one now and I have a large fire in my pocket of money, So it's almost that time again. Anyone know good fairly low priced kits for them?

Why I want one now? As some of you know I have rebuilt some sand rails (Dune buggys for people who dont know what a sand rail is) and I would like to turn it into a DPV TYPE (Not a copy or rip off) I mainly just want a fairly cheap belt fed weapon mounted on the rider side of the dash.I have a fiberglass body that looks just like the DPV special forces buggy and im going to paint it sand color.

Now, I have access to machine tools and I have a few types of welders here at my house but I would like some ideas of how to attach this strong mount to the dash... well... let me just post some pictures.

Warning objects shown are much larger than they appear.(I dont say this very often)

It looks small in the picture almost like a Go cart, but its the same size as a normal car, even the pictures are to big to post so il just link em just to make this 56K friendly.

The buggy it's self (As of now) rail/P8070046.jpg

Where the mount should go (That bar) Very dirty.... Im about to have the frame sand blasted and repainted sand color rail/P9120142.jpg

And for size I put an AK there rail/P9120145.jpg

I would like to be able to take the mount off fairly quickly but it needs to be strong.

A real DPV

My buggy before I did anything with it )God awfull uglyness.... But thats the fiberglass panels (Ugly paint to soon be removed as well...) and I have some bumpers im going to add that look just like the DPV
The lights are going to be placed near the shock mounts on a light bar. rail/P5260095.jpg

It looks fairly ugly right now and I want it to stand out some...
Any ideas?
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