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A few of them are my dad's but most are mine.

First up, pistols.

The black powder revolvers are not mine. They range in caliber from 36 to 44. There's also several pellet/bb pistols in the mix as well. Lets see, starting from the top left we have:

H&K USP 45 w/UTL
Springfield 1911a1 loaded
Browning Buckmark
Benjamin Pellet pistol
Crosman Pellet pistol
Crosman Autoair 2
Daisy 93
Webley Tempest
Crosman co2 pistol
Ruger Blackhawk
Gamo BB co2 pistol
Marksman BB pistol
Ruger GP100
5 various black powder revolvers
Cap&ball pocket pistol
22 short revolver of unknown make/date (has no serial)
.38 Derringer

Next up we have some air rifles

Left to right:

RWS model 48 .22
Remington Genesis .177
Gamo Shadow 1000 .177
Crosman .177
Crosman BB rifle
Red ryder BB rifle (This is the gun that started my addition 12 years ago.)
Daisy BB rifle

Now we have some shotguns:

Left to right:

Spartan 12 gauge SXS hammer coach gun
12 gauge Stoeger SXS
20 gauge Stoeger I think?
Springfield Savage Arms .410 bolt action (pre-serial manufacture)
Norinco M97T
Remington 870 Wingmaster 12 gauge
Remignton 870 Police magnum
Remington 870 Express magnum w/copstock and surefire

A few .22LR's:

Marlin lever action
Marlin model 60

Norinco SKS triplets (well they have an ugly black brother w/ a ramline muzzle brake)

Some lever action love:

another view of the marlin .22
Winchester 30-30
Both have peep sights installed


1946 receiver SA Garand
1943 receiver SA Garand
1943 Remington 1903a3
Mosin Nagant M44
Enfield Jungle Carbine
.308 K98 Juden mauser
1918 Eddystone P17

Now we have some semi auto centerfires:

Romanian WASR-10
M4gery (Bushmaster lower, Stag Arms upper)
Colt Match Target 20" HBAR
Romak - 3

The entire family for a portrait

You can see my poor Mini 14 ranch over to the left which I forgot to take a picture of.

Some more various pictures

That's about it.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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