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My Birthday this month, what to get...

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Help me decide:
Another 1911 - Springfield TPR or S&W
Glock 21
Beretta over and under
Benelli M1 (hunting style)
S&W 460
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I got my ruger 454 for my birthday this year so I'll vote for the 460. Hand cannons are fun.
You know my choice.
Kinda depends on what your current inventory is! :)
ok my current inventory:

1911 custom i built modeled after a Larry Vickers pistol
Kimber compact 1911
Kimber 1911 Target custom
Sig 229 9MM
Karh 9mm polymer frame
Ruger 45 Colt SA
S&W 41 .22
Browning Buckmark Target .22
CZ BRNO Model 2e .22 rifle
CZ BRNO Model 2e .22 mag rifle
Benelli M1 Super90 12ga
Remington 870 12ga
Remington 1100 20ga youth
Colt AR-15 Delta Model
Remington police sniper .308 20 inch barrel
1911 style air pistol made by walther
Beeman target air pistol
benjaman air pistol
benjaman air rifle

What's next.....
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You are SOOOOOOOO overdue for a Glock 21.

Its my fav pistol. Give it a lickin', it just keeps tickin'. See the members gallery for details. ;)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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