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My biggest gripe with 1911 style grip angles!

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Though, the full size 5" 1911 doesn't really have this issue...

Being used to glock style grip angles, I find that when I go to fire a pistol such as a springfield XD, 4" or less inch 1911, etc, that the muzzle rise is INSANE! The recoil mixed with the "stright" grip angle makes it so the muzzles rises like 50% more than any glock or steyr pistol I have ever fired. It drives me nuts!

Seriously, go out and fire a pistol with a glock-type grip angle, then switch to one with a 1911 style grip angle (Minus the full size 1911s), then compare the recoil. It's insane.
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Ed said:
I believe he means it has the same grip angle.

Indeed. The XD has the 1911 grip angle, which is pretty much vertical whereas glock style pistols have a more angled grip angle which helps with muzzle rise and recoil.

Shooting a 4" XD-40 and shooting a 4" Glock chambered in .40 yeilds:

1. Glock has far less rocoil
2. Glock has far less muzzle rise
3. Glock therefore has faster target aquisition

I love both pistols, but I did a little test last night... 100 rounds in each pistol fired with iron sights, and 100 rounds fired with laser... Fired 4 pistols:

1. Glock 17
2. XD-9 in 4" trim
3. Glock 22
4. XD-40 in 4" trim

The results yielded much faster target aquisition with the glocks due to less muzzle rise
More accurate double taps with the Glock
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1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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