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Mug shot

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Here's a real gem.

Are you familiar with Sherriff Joe Arapio from Maricopa County Az. ?

do a mugshot search for last name: Deleon first name: Theresa

Booking number P145903

Edit: let's try

For the home page, Then look on the right for the mug shot category click on that and enter booking # P145903.

Then stand back from your screen
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It doent show up
Adler said:

There is the URL
Man, that is something.... uh... else... *hides*
I like to call it the East German Womans Olympic Teams Betty Page.
Today's crime of the week... drum roll please... Homicide!

thatguyfromPA said:
how the H*** did you come across that?
Serious. I mean, we've all considered online dating on those lonely nights, but I think this may be a little much. ;)

This got me thinking. I searched the sex offender data base for updates on sick bastards in my area.....and one of those assholes lives aross the street from my old house! Yikes!
They took the link down. :(
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