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ORCA said:
Oh damn Whit! You da man.

Yeah my Navy Seal girl shirt came in on Thursday. Excellent screen print quality on a moisture wicking style shirt.
Glad to hear. I ordered the SEAL shirt (f-ing love the fact that it has the SEAL team logo on the front breast) and the Green Beret shirt.

How long did shipping take for you?

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damn that sucks! yeah he never replyed to an email from me, only the paypal, but when I got my Seals shirt he attached a hand written note explaining the shirt adn that fact he ran out of the Navy Blue Seals shirts for the time being.

What he sent was a black version t-shirt and on the front instead of the UDT Seals crest, it had a different unit crest. The ODA 535 U.S. Army Combat Divers.

So for at least 1 shirt he may be outta stock.

I'll pm you a different email address, see if it helps. If you feel totally uncomfortable though you can reverse the paypal charges.
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