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I found this site and their AR kits are very cheap compared to other companies. Anyone have any experience with them? Any reason to stay away?
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I have they are great people there and I have ordered from them a few times. Most of my AR-15 and M4 upper parts are from them and I have never had any trouble with them.

I had to send the upper back because I did not like the railed handgaurd that ran along the top of the recever so I sent it back with the YHM free floating handgurd and it was fixed out sent back to me with no trouble and gave me credit (I quickly spent that) on the lower cost of the YHM one. I talked on the phone with them are there very nice and take time with you. I recomend them to everyone that wants AR parts.

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I actually got to see some of there stuff in person my parents live like 30 min away it seems to be pretty quality stuff
I know its a "kit", so that means you basically have to assemble the lower? I've never had an AR before, how simple are they to put together?
If you dont want to assemble the gun you can buy a complete lower from several people like SARCO for 200 bucks and then just buy the upper and bolt assembly from model 1. It costs 20-30 bucks more but you dont have to put it together. I did it that way. I bought a complete Stag arms lower for 199 and my Colt upper complete for 350 with shiping

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That scope looks like it would be a bit top heavy...
overkill, to boot. I was thinking of getting an IOR 4x21 for mine.
Its a cheap Ruskie made scope I bought on closeout. Its a 6-24x adjustable. Im only using it for prarie dog killing at 400 yards. Normally I wouldnt go with lower end scopes but this one is actually pretty ok, A fullsize AR doesnt recoil much so I wasnt worried about it shaking the scope off target like some bigger bore guns do.

It actually balances just fine. The weight is well centered and doesnt make the gun front or rear heavy.
I have to say that big ass scope does give it a good look. I slaped a scope on my AR the other day and it ended up staying on there because it looks so good.
How much was that scope?
60 bucks on closeout(model discontinued)....was 200.00.
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