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Met a lucky guy today

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Had a guy come to my place of work today to do the annual fire sprinkler inspection. Just your average clock punching Joe, like 99% of us. Company policy says non employees have to be escorted around, and that fell to me. So we're shootin the s#*t, and saying we're glad its Friday, and what are ya gonna go with weekend? And he says he's going down to his "ranch" in South TX. Now when somebody around here says "ranch", one thing comes to mind. Is it big enough to SHOOT GUNS. I say this because some people with 10 or 20 acres like to call that a "ranch". And even though you can shoot on 10 or 20 acres, it's still kinda small if ya want to really cut lose. A 100 acres or more would be a LOT better. So I ask, "How many acres?"
He says "9,200". Inherited it from his uncle 3 years ago.
Man, that would be SWEET!

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Ask him if I can borrow an acre or two for "special purposes"... Like an airsoft field or something. ;)

I wouldn't mind having 9200 acres. lol
i wish i owned enough property to get lost in it. thats a goal.
That is a nice chunk of land. I've picked up a few acres here and there but nothing like that. At todays prices it costs a to much. 9200 in TX has got to be worth a couple million.
Man, I would love to have even half that... My dads got 220 acares about an hour away that I go shooting and take the dune buggy up there, we have all kinda targets on it like a car that we put a few 3 gal gas cans in got 4 people with 30 round mags and all opened fire on it at once.... then reloaded and tossed a road flare in :) ******* I know but DAMN it was fun! But we store a few other things we shoot up. I love to go places where you can just let lose and do anything you want to on and have no one bug you.
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