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march madness is here

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How is it that some1 that hates basketball 11 months out of the year turns into an addict for a few weeks in march? Maybe i'm a closet gambling addict lol I go from the TV to the computer checking scores and line updates, atlantic city, vegas and offshore. Which my GF hates cuz I talk to my bookie more than her lol Do any out you guys watch the tourny?
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I hate Basketball all 12 months. Maybe I am weird but the only sports I like to watch are Boxing and Hockey cause it turns in to boxing..LOL

Only sport I play...other than skee and clay shooting is drag racing. I used to race with my dad...but havent for years cause his new car is custom built for a 5'9 guy and I am 6 foot. Now thats the only other thing that gives me the natural high of shooting guns. I wish gas prices were low again cause I miss my Nova SS. 165mph top speed(due to aerodynamics and not enigne) but only 6-10mpg depending on how hard I drive it.
:twisted: The feeling of the trans break releasing and being shoved into the seat going from 0-205mph in 3-4 seconds is awesome. it just doesn't last long enough
This is a small funny car with a baby 650hp 427 chevy in it injected on Alcohol. But it still does 176mph in the quarter mile. Thats not bad considering the small size of motor
Some buddies of mine have a smaller sized rail car, tops out about 235mph, they let me play with it at the test n tune friday night bracket races. I like it I like it alot :twisted:
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