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As reported via WCCO CBS 4 (MN):

Man Suspected Of Shooting Officer Released

(AP) Anoka, Minn. Anoka County authorities have released without charges a man suspected of shooting and wounding an undercover Robbinsdale police officer.

Martin Treptow,35, says he fired to protect his wife and two toddlers inside the family SUV.

The Anoka County attorney's office says Treptow was released after Thursday's incident in **** Rapids, but the investigation was ongoing.

**** Rapids police say Treptow and a 27-year old officer in an unmarked car got into a dispute on the road. After angry words and gestures, Treptow pulled his SUV up to the driver side of the other car, stopped at a light. Treptow says as the driver got out of his, he pulled out a weapon.

The Anoka County attorney's office says the 35-year-old man was released after yesterday's incident in **** Rapids, but the investigation was ongoing, CBS

"We're about three feet away from each other and he's pointing the gun at my wife, so it was a tough situation, where I couldn't drive away at that particular moment, I had to defend my family," Treptow said.

Treptow says the man was in street clothes and never identified himself as a police officer. With his wife in the passenger seat, Treptow fired three shots at the officer, hitting him in both legs and grazing his arm.

The 27-year-old officer was treated and released at a Minneapolis hospital for wounds to his legs and arm.

The man's two children were also in the vehicle at the time. He had a permit to carry a weapon.

The story with video can be found at;

- Janq

Lesson Learned: The second story of a CCW civilian being involved in a road rage incident with a cop in two days (!).
What the fuck people...let this stoplight arguing shit slide!
Okay so some dick cut you off at the light or cut in front of you as you were exiting the Safeway parking lot. Big fucking woop...let it go.
Do not go beeping your horn, yelling out your window, or making hand gestures and one finger salutes at people. Why? Because guess what, mother fuckers out there are crazy and they just might be willing to shoot you over that which is nothing at all. A few days ago a man got shot over some packets of chili think a bitch won't shoot you over less? Think again.
Had this CCW civilian not entered into a verbal battle with the plain clothes off-duty po-po he'd have simply gone home and forgot about it in a few hours/days. Now he's on the hook for shooting a cop and even if they clear him he'll never ever live that down in his town or even state. Best thing he can do is move or suffer harrasment from well...the cops (!). Thats after he's spent his vacation money and the college education fund for his two toddlers on his defense fund both criminal and possibly civil too.
Is all that worth a slight diss or annoyance of being cut off in the mall parking lot? I think the hell not! Jeebus.

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what the hell?

road rage is retarded - let alone with a plain clothes LEO

what the fuck was the LEO doin in the first place?
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