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Man Pulled Over, Robbed By Fake Cops In Arlington

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As reported today via

Man Pulled Over, Robbed By Fake Cops In Arlington

6:32 a.m. EDT June 21, 2006

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Two men impersonating officers pulled over a driver Saturday night on Cesery Boulevard, held a rifle to his neck and stole his money and gun, police said. The victim Juan Portalatin said the men were driving a Ford Crown Victoria that looked like a police cruiser, with flashing lights and a spotlight near the driver's door.

With the help of a translator, Portalatin said he thought nothing at first when police officers pulled him over on a stretch of road in Arlington, but the police officers turned out to be fakes.

Portalatin said he never thought he would survive the incident.

"He was thinking that they were going to kill him," Portalatin's translator said.

Portalatin told Channel 4 the alleged officer got out of the car and approached the driver's side door, asking for his license and registration and that he step out of the car.

However, when he did, he said another alleged officer approached him from the left and put a shotgun to his neck.

Portalatin said all he could think about was this 4-year-old daughter as the robbers stole more than $300 out of his pocket -- money he said he was planning to send to his daughter in Connecticut. The fake cops also stole a gun Juan kept in the driver's side door for protection.

Portalatin said he never thought the officers were fakes because they were driving what he described as a white unmarked Crown Victoria that was very similar to police cruisers, and the car had red and blue lights continuously flashing.

He also said the impersonators wore blue uniforms with fake badges.

Portalatin said he fears that his gun could be used on someone else. He said he never thought a traffic stop and the flashing lights could ever be fakes.

"If you are being pulled over by an unmarked vehicle, there are not lights on the top, no marking on the car, call the non-emergency number, 630-0500, go to a well lit spot and verify that it is a police officer and it is a legal stop," said Jacksonville Sheriff's Office spokesman Ken Jefferson.

Investigators continue to search for the men who robbed Portalatin.

- Janq

Note: There are important lessons to be had here;
1. Do not exit your car unless you can confirm the police are in fact police. If you have any doubt what so ever remain seated in your car and advise the officer(s) that you would like to see some sort of identification (e.g. badge) or tell them you are feeling uncomfortable and would like to speak with another officer. If they are real cops they'll be able to do this albeit yes they just might get a tad aggravated. It's better that than robbed, raped, or dead.

2. Why do people keep their CCW in car doors?
It's no good to you in the door especially if you're right handed.
If you're going to car carry and not have it holstered, preferably in a weak side appendix carry so as to clear the seatbelt, then atleast keep it to the right/stringside and somewhere you can actually get hold of it.
Not that it would have done the person in this case much good at the point that he's outside of the car with it off his person.
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This is what I'm always afraid of...
Sad and scary tactic, it's been used to rape more than a few women as well. It's hard not to obey what seems like a lawful order, but you should try to go with your gut if you feel that the situation just isn't "right".
Here is another same similar only this time it's a bogus utlities worker:

Harris County, Texas

From the Houston Chronicle of June 21, 2006

Man posing as utility worker fatally shot in county

A man pretending to be a utility worker was fatally shot overnight during an apparent home invasion robbery attempt in northwest Harris County, authorities said.

The suspect, who has not been identified, was killed about 1 a.m. while struggling with the homeowner in the 3300 block of Breckenridge.

He was wearing what appeared to be a CenterPoint Energy uniform when he knocked on the door, warning of a gas leak, officials said.

"The homeowner thought that something was amiss because apparently nobody in the area has gas,'' Harris County Sheriff's Lt. John Martin said.

The homeowner grabbed a pistol and went through the garage door, where he encountered the phony utility worker and least two other people.

"One of the suspects jumped him and there was a brief struggle,'' Martin said.

The homeowner was shot once in the arm but was able to return fire, fatally striking the man in the uniform. The other suspects fled in what appeared to be a Chevrolet Tahoe or GMC Denali, authorities said.

Investigators don't believe the man was a legitimate CenterPoint worker. He was wearing a badge that identified himself as a restaurant employee. They also found a pair of handcuffs inside a tool kit he was carrying.

"It was clear he was intent on doing some kind of robbery or home invasion,'' Martin said.

The wounded homeowner was taken to Ben Taub General Hospital with non life-threatening injuries, officials said.

The incident remains under investigation.
As a kid growing up MommaJanq taught us to _never_ trust the maintenance man nor any person claiming to be with a utlility.
She truned out to be dead on in regard to that as rape and theft were common in MD & DC as I was growing up using exactly this scam for the rope-a-dope win.

- Janq
We've had an epidemic of this in the san joaquin valley, 6 cases in 2 months.......
That first story reminded me, a few years back in NoVA (maybe Janq remembers?) this happened quite a few times in the area. Fake cops running around giving people a hard time. Also around this time a marked police car was stolen out of a Dunkin Donuts parking lot. I'm not making this up.

Also, I thought you weren't allowed to carry a gun in the cabin and have ammo in reach?
Yep P-D I recall those and there was one where some lady was pulled over on Rt. 66 by a fake cop but she freaked out and drove off.
Smart move listening to her inner voice that time.

CNN was supposed to have a report on instances of this tonight but I forgot to set TiVO to record it. :(

- Janq
Widespread of fake cops can be seen everywhere nowadays. They have changed their identity in order to destroy the good image of those good police officer out there who implement peace and orderliness in our society. As this, when you’re pulled over by a Highway Patrol officer, you don’t expect to be on the wrong end of a shakedown by a fake cop. Yet sources indicate that this happens nearly every other week in the U.S. Fraudulent cops are out there with fake badges, officious-looking vehicles and other police paraphernalia. They may try to stop you on the road, or even gain entrance to your home. To ensure that you are as protected as possible, here’s how to deal with fake police: How to deal with fake police – and save your life
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