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Mailed my FOID card app today!

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Well guys, I've been reading your gun nut posts in OT for a couple of years now and decided I'd like to learn more about guns. I grew up in a non gun household so my only exposure to guns was at camp and shooting with a friend's dad. My wife's grandfather has tons of guns and the land to shoot them on.

I've read the threads about a good first gun, but was wondering what other resources are out there for a newbie. I am very green, but eager to learn. Great idea for this forum Brucelee!
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One of the best things you can do is go to a local range that rents guns and try out a bunch of them. That way you'll see what feels right in your hand.

That's assuming you're talking about pistols, but you say you've got access to a lot of land so maybe you're after a rifle?
I'll probably get a pistol. I read the post about the best first handgun and I'm thinking I'll start with a .22. There is a gun shop just up the block from me that has a range and rents guns. I plan try as many as I can before I buy anything, but I have to admit, I think what got me interested is my friend becoming a police officer and seeing his Glock.
Good for you! Firearms ownership brings a lot of responsibility, fun and satisfaction for years and years.

Your first gun should be a .22, and you should go take a pistol class of some kind, like the NRA class to learn safety, marksmanship, safety, how to clean it, and safety. :)

.22's are great fun, and if you buy quality, you will have it for many years, and don't worry, other guns will come along in pretty short order if you get bit by the bug!

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Congratulations on sending in your application. I understand there's a back log in the state waiting for the card. Plan on 6-8 weeks and if it comes before then , be pleasantly surprised.

You plans for renting and checking out various pistols is an excellent one, a 22 is a good place to start. Cheap ammo and learn the basics.

You might want to look in to a wheel gun in 22 LR , then mix the cylinder with 22 short's , 22 LR and an already fired case or 2. That will show you if your flinching or anticipating the shot.
We need a n00b forum in here! Thanks for the advice. That sucks that IL takes so long to fill the request's. I have read that as well, I've even read stories where people are on hunting trips where they are not legal becuase of the redonkulous backlog in the system. Oh well, I've waited 26 years, I can wait another couple weeks. :D
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