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maglite brighter than surefire?

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This one is
Maglite 700 lumens
custom made
3 pila batteries 168s
bi-pin WA1318 bulb
40 min run time

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Is that the one with a custom glass and reflector? Bout $200??
In that pic it has standard glass and reflector,
but they have since melted, so now it has a medium orange peel reflector and better glass

around $200
700 lumens, HOLY SHIT!!! That thing's not a flashlight, it's a fucking lightsaber. My 65 lumen Surefire heats up after just a little bit of use, I don't even want to see what 700 will do.
Seriously, 700 lumins, thats insane!
i like it - 700 lumens it totally excessive

i must have one! :twisted:
I'd bet you could melt a car with 700 lumens. A must have flashlight for all bank robbers. Can't crack the safe, forgot the C4, NO WORRIES, because you have your handy-dandy 700 lumen Maglight. You can just burn a hole through the door in 10 seconds flat. I should write commercials.
That's a lot cheaper than the 500Lumen surefires. I doubt it's as robust, but for half the price, it's worth a look.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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