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Mag problems

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I was shooting steels today with my buds and 2 of my mags) a 10 and a 20) started sticking in the mag well. I had about 300rds through the gun when they started hanging up.

We were shooting 50 target rounds with 10 mins between rounds, sometimes more sometimes less depending. So they shouldn't have been getting all that hot. I've shot a lot more rounds in less time and never had a problem before.

They still function fine but need to be pulled out. I though maybe some powder build up so I clean the gun and mags good tonight and they still hung up. I also tried them in my other 226 and it's the same the work fine but need to be pulled free.

It doesn't feel like thay are catching on anything just tight

any Ideas?
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you can use a ginder on it,--the steel brush side to shave it a little, I had to do this with a S&W mag for my kel-tec. Worked like a charm, It didnt even lock in when I got it home...
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