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M-3 light rail adapter for SigPro

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I'm having one hell of a time finding the info I need over at SigForum and the manufacturer has yet to respond to my emails so i figured I'd try here. I have a Streamlight M-3 tactical light that I would like to mount up to my SigPro. The problem is that unlike the newest 2020, my SP2340 has the proprietary Sig rails, not a weaver set-up. Does anyone know of an adapter that I can use that will allow me to use accessories requiring the weaver rail? I know Sig makes one for the 220 and some other classics; will one of thise work on my pro? Any ideas on where to purchase on from?

BL, if this is in the wrong forum I appologize. I know it's a light related question, but it is pistol specific, so I wasn't sure where to post it. Please feel free to move it. :oops:

w00t! Just made Gunatic Guru. :twisted:
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Try calling SIG, I needed new sights and couldn't find them anywhere and waited for an e-mail reply for weeks. 1 5 min phone call and they got me hooked up with what I needed.
Thanks for the heads up. Yeah, I sent two emails now, one about a week ago, and one about two days ago and I'm yet to hear a reply. I'll give them a call this afternoon.

lemme know if you wanna try one out.

i got the first gen 220ST.

the frames were actually the 220 SPORT model. the rail hanging underneath was for the compensator piece that attaches to it.

hence the wacky setup.

i got mine direct from sig for like $30 (which was fortunate since when it first came out, is was like $75'ish). big piece of plastic (black) that kinda ruins the look of the all stainless steel (silver/satin) gun.

but then again, i hear the first gen 220ST are more rare (huh???) than the current 220ST with actual weaver/picatinny setup...
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