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LV - S.W.A.T. on Discovery

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I was watching this and they were talking about deploying no-leathal force with good results when they transitioned to the snipers

LV SWAT sniper had to take out a man with a shotgun - once the person aimed the 12g at fellow officers the sniper took his shot

the shotgun guy died

the entire swat team had to prove in criminal court to a jury of 7 that they were justified in using leathal force

now is this standard practice for any and every LEO involved shooting around the country?

i know that in AZ the LEO are placed on admin leave until an investigation is completed - but i never understood that to mean they were going to have their day in court to prove it was a justified use of leathal force
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so basically any person will have to prove that the use of deadly force was justified regardless of profession.
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