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Lutes knives

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Ok, got this from my buddy yesterday, and after tons of searching only thing I came up with was this site

Here are some pics of what I have...anyone else seen one of these, or at least heard of them?

Reference: overall length is 9", blade thickness is just shy of 1/4"


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LOL no, not a $14 gas station knife :)

The texture on the tang looks milled, I'm hoping to get better pics after work out in daylight. the grips I think are wood, once again, want to see them under real light and no, its not brand new, it has very light sheath wear on the blade. Will also have pics of the other knives I got from him...heart problems suck :( He gave me all of his ammo and reloading equipment also because he isn't going to be able to come home.
Yeah it does, but thats life, and have to roll with what it deals you.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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