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looks like it would be smart to stay off of nasioc 4/1

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something is supposed to happen. probably everyone is banned or something. but yeah ill be on here or something,
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Blah, they are all talk.
they do crazy shit every 4/1....and reset it every 4/2....

last year they wrote some code so that everytime you entered a certain word it'd replace it with about 1 page of text about a digital camera. For the first few times I read it I was like WTF is everyone talking about this damn camera for :lol:
Hahah, i must not have been on last year. Two years ago, they replaced "WRX" with "n00b" which I thought was funny. :lol:
so i see nothing and its after 12:30 here so whatever.
Nothin' so far and it's after 7AM.

Nick is slackin!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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