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Looking for a hunting shotgun

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I'm trying to decide between a left handed Remington 870, or a Browning BPS. The Browning's look to be a little more pricey, but I really like the bottom eject feature.
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Went to the local Sportsmans Warehouse and looked at shotguns. Looks like the BPS is going to be my only choice if I want to shoot deer left handed.

Remington doesn't manufacture a left-handed rifled slug barrel, and it's just not as nice of a gun as the BPS. The BPS I looked at was gorgeous! The action was very very smooth, and it just felt very good in my hands.

The left handed 870 was priced at $309, and the BPS at $469.

I'll just need to save a few dollars here and there and hopefully have a BPS by Summer or Fall. :banana:
i don't like the idea of owning a used gun. i'd like to have a brand new gun that I can call my own and possibly pass down to a child down the road. the bps i shouldered just felt right. and $469 for a brand new gun is something that i can handle.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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