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Look what I found in my closet

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I like guns
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Wanna sell the SVT? :D
PS: Slowest loading pictures EVER!!!!!
It's slow, but it does not cost me anything. I am not selling the SVT, VKT Mosin, or the M1A.
moved pictures to imageshack
nice. the red carpet makes everything look extra important.
more like welcome to 1978
Damn. You sure like them old, don't you.

-Why rob the cradle when you can rob the Craftmatic adjustable bed?-
the house hasnt changed much since it was built, also it was built before I was born, I only stay here a few days a week while I'm going to school
Shad said:
Damn. You sure like them old, don't you.

-Why rob the cradle when you can rob the Craftmatic adjustable bed?-
Most of the old guns are sturdier thatn the new ones. I doubt you will se many 90 year old m16's out there in the future. Hell I have a CZ 98/22 mauser thats been through god knows what and is still in good shape. Its made by cz and has the lion crest, but the sights are Kurdish, and there is a single turk half moon stamped on it under the wood on the barrel right next to a czech lion. So its been through 3 countries and from the looks of it 3-4 wars. God they just dont make them like that anymore.
*opens mine* WTH THERE IS NOTHING HERE :( guess you just got lucky to have a cool closet. all though i bet you dont have an AT4 in your lol
I'm willing to part with any of the C&R guns.
Damn, where'd you run accross a Blueline SigPro?

I got the blueline sig from old sacramento armory. They said they couldnt sell it to LE because the mags were 10 round, not 12.
What j00 want for the M1?

the garand or m1a? I is not selling the m1a
i want the garand! takes me back to my drill team days.
its a winchester with a springfield barrel, and after looking at the prices on CMP and gunbroker and so forth I think I will keep it, unless you would like to pay me $800 for it. Alder got a fantastic deal on my danish garand.
Yes I did. Its getting Reparked in a week or 2.
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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