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As reported on November 30th by;

Local Lawmaker Defends Drawing Gun in Parking Lot

Huntsville City Councilman Glenn Watson is no stranger to controversy. Recently, during a confrontation at a local parking lot, Watson says he pulled a pistol on a man who he says was threatening him. It all happened about two weekends ago when Watson, his ex-wife and his 5 month old granddaughter were loading the car after shopping. Watson says a man became irrate because Watson's car door was blocking a parking space. The two exchanged words, tempers flared, and Watson says the man threatened to attack.

Speaking with WAAY 31's Violet Parker, Watson described the incident. "This guy is 35 years old, I'm 66. He out weighs me 40 pounds. I'm not going to take him on man to man. In my younger days I would have." So what happened next? "I pulled out my pistol and said 'Back off.' When he saw my gun, he backed off. When I saw that, I put the gun away. As far as I was concerned, the incident was over."

Huntsville police investigated the incident and since Watson has a permit to carry the gun, there was a threat of imminent danger, no charges were filed. But this story could have easily had a different ending. To view Violet Parker's report, including comments from an attorney on the situation, click the link to your left [].

The story can be found at;

- Janq

Lesson of story: A disparity in force between attacker(s) and attackee can be justified toward use of lethal force, or in this case display. Even still though as CCWs be careful and conservative about engaging in petty verbal spats with possibly crazy persons as you carry. To do so could be spun as you being the one 'looking for trouble' or worst what happens if the attacker(s) don't back down or worst react by displaying their own equalizer be it a firearm or knife. What would dude have done if the other guy was carrying or a CCW as well?
All this over a parking space, to hell with that.

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i saw some very simular to this a couple of weeks ago at the grocery store - i totally forgot about it till now

guy in late modle vette is patiently waiting for folks with carts to cross his path so he can pull into the front stop (rock star parking)

old guy in a suv passes my wife and i as we walk toward the store and pulls into the front spot - about that time the vette starts to make his way toward the spot to see that he got snaked

so guy with the vette blocks the aisle and the suv that is in "his" spot and waits for the suv guy to get out

my wife asks me why we are walking away from the store instead of toward it, when i mention that something is about to happen between those two gentlemen

about that time the guy in the vette exits his vehicle calling to the man in the suv

we hit the front doors of the store and i motion to the store manager to take a peek outside

i couldnt hear the echange of words - but i saw the vette guy walk towards the suv and then throw his hands up in the air and back away towards his vehicle

when we were finished shopping both the vette and the suv were gone - thank god
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