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Little blue duuune buggy!

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Yea, I know awfull song

Anyway... If anyone has been wondering were I have been, or were I will be... I will just toss some pictures up.

Setting proudly with my AK on the hood :D Im thinking about a mount... For sure a gun rack under the hood with ammo storage for those long drives when you see something you just gota shoot....
4 brand new tires brand new engine and an ugly paint job all came with it.

Relax.. IM REPAINTING IT! I know I hate the ugly purple as much as anyone, but I have to wait for my friend to get over here with all his spray gun stuff.

This thing is fast... I have no idea how fast it will go because it breaks suck untill i gut them and rebuild them so I cant get it to fast but what I have got it up to was... a tad scary....

Also mounting 5 point seatbelts and new seats in it and the train horns I posted about.... Im going to be awaying for a bit running this thing into the ground and breaking it so I can fix it again (Its the way things turn out) I break everything... I even broke an axle on a brand new Four wheeler.
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You should keep the purple. The purple makes it look manly........ :lol:
What color you going with when you repaint it?
Black with something else, My friend paints cars for a liveing so he should be able to come up with something.
I do want it dark because I already made the lights so that I can kill them all with a flip of a a switch so I can drive away unseen..... I know this sounds bad but I tend to get the cops called on me alot. I drive four wheelers and stuff on places I should not go at night (Always the best places to go mudding!) and the cops get called but on those I cant turn off the tail lights so i made this with a dark switch.

OH and Im going to get it road legal, have to make blinkers, finders and some other crap as well but it's going to be great driveing this thing down the road.
That's sweet. The newer rail cars are pretty cool, but I love those old air cooled, boxer engined, dune buggies.

Im getting whole new seats in soon... and 5 point seatbelts. I spent 150 bucks and 10 hours working on it today... and it had nothing to do with how well it ran, all in lights, wires and other stuff. I finished most electrical work today, Put in rear tail lights, break lights, flashers, and blinkers. I also put halogen headlight bulbs (You know the ones you have to close your eyes when your driveing down the road, there like the sun!) in the big bug eye lights... Im starting to like them now... I also mounted some lights on the top of the roll cage and all wires are cleaned up. ARG am haveing trouble finding 1966 VW break parts for it around here without waiting weeks! There going to grade this old farm near my house in the next few days and I want to get it out there before its to busy with work.

Just my daily update on my little project
Looks like fun. Makes me miss living in a state where there were laws allowing you to drive stuff like that around and the space to do it without getting killed. ;)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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