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You all may recall from OT my post about the drug dealer, Lester Eugene Siler, who was raided in his hime by several TN sherriff deputies via bogus and totally illegal actions.
Upon entry the victims wife had the presence of mind to secretly activate and tape the incident. The police told her to leave the house but they did not know she'd activated the tape recorder.

FFWD to today a thread at SigForum came up toward todays news toward the arraignment of the three Atlanta police officers who killed the 88 yr. old lady in her home. That thread reminded me of this case. So while in the process of searching old news fro reference to post I came across updates which include the now publicly available recording as well as the transcript per the FBI.
This has become a federal case as these police very much violated this mans civil the ATL police did with the 88 yr. old woman and other police have done as well in times past, caught or not.

* Lester Eugene Siler
The audio tape of his torture as captured by his wife unbeknownst to the police at 39:31 in length (Caution...This Is Not Work Safe!) -
Transcript of the above audio tape -

Again I'll warn you the audio tape of this event is not produced by Disney.

Events such as these leave a lasting black eye on the policing profession and make life that much more difficult for the very many good, useful, and law abiding police.

- Janq

"Sign this...sign the damn thing!...If you don't sign the damn thing then I'm going to knock the hell out of you...Hang on a minute, I'll go get the fucking wires..." - The TN torture cops

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Nose Nuggets said:
fuuuuuuucked up
What's really fucked up is imagine if this happened to you or me, even if we were by profession past or present a drug dealer.

Imagine we are at that instance sitting in your home minding own damn business not doing anything illegal.
The po-po burst in and harass our wife, call her names, then eject her from her own home. Next they go to work on us. They have no warrant, they are not in our home legally, and they are demanding that we sign a waiver of our citizen rights with penalty of physical pain and even death...or even application of same to our wife outside who has no clue what is happening to us behind our closed front door.
A totally crazy story.

So we somehow someway survive the event.
After we heal up and are able to talk, upon being discharged from the hospital (!), we hire an attorney and submit a complaint of abuse to the police by the police. That right there takes huge balls & nerve.
So they of course say we've been smoking our own supply because that story is 'totally crazy'.

If it weren't for the total dumb luck of having an audio tape this dude would never get the time of day. BTW as reported initially the beating actually went on for nearly two hours as per statements from the victim and his wife. The tape device ran out of tape and only caught the beginning of the beat down and di not catch the worst of it as per statement from Eugene Siler and his wife, who later was allowed to reenter her home...after they beat & tortured Eugene nearly to literal death.

Cases like this and the people in Chicago who recently were beat down by po-po wouldn't be given any consideration or even swept under the proverbial rug if it were not for audio or video evidence.

Another example that I'd posted todat at SigForum includes the infamous LA 'C.R.A.S.H.' crew...

* LA county Rampart divison 'C.R.A.S.H.' squad

Folks have been enduring as much and worst for years.
Not to say all police are bad because they aren't. But at the same time it's to me totally understandable as to why many folk do not trust police at all even toward incidents & events where it may be to their benefit to seek out police aid.

Crazy stuff happens, even when there are no pics or taped evidence. :(

- Janq

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You know what? I think I'll burn this to a CD and give it to my TO at the academy so that she can have the whole class listen to it.

We've been shown footage of bad cop behavior, and let me tell you... There is ZERO tolerance for it.
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