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Less Lethal 'Flash-Ball'

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Designed and produced by Verney-Carron, the leading French manufacturer of hunting firearms, the Flash-Ball generates the stopping power of a .38 Special. By virtue of projectiles studied to avoid, even at extremely short distances, penetrating a normally clothed person, the Flash-Ball provokes on impact the equivalent of a technical KO. The opponent is then disabled. This major advantage has been observed by security professionals as the Flash-Ball officially equips a large number of administrative agencies.
With a dissuasive look and detonation, able to be immediately engaged and with a single or double barrels, the Flash-Ball is light and robust and is adaptable to all situations. Available in several versions, it can be fitted with a wide range of ammunition and accessories, thus making it an impressive and effective intelligent weapon.

Ballistic comparison on impact between the .38 Special and the Flash-Ball

The Flash-Ball is used in France by several special units of the Police :
• B.A.C. (Brigades Anti-Criminalité)
• G.I.P.N. (Groupes d'Intervention de la Police Nationale)
• R.A.I.D. (Recherche Assistance Intervention Dissuasion)
It is also used by several other law enforcement and police forces in the World, who appreciate its maneuverability, its ergonomics, the fire power of its 2 barrels as well as its very deterrent appearance.

More info can be found at

- Janq
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I don't understand why they are comparing it to the energy of a .38
They are doing 2 completely different jobs.

Why not compare it to the energy transfer of current less leathal solutions like the bean bag round?

and on a side note why are the French such fucktards?
DaButtKraken said:
and on a side note why are the French such fucktards?

The French can fire a gun? I mean I have a French rifle but it was only dropped in 1940.
Janq said:
Of course, since the thing fires truffles ammo is prohibitively expensive...

Filthy Rich :twisted:
OK, now I know what it reminds me of...

Hellboy's derringer! :D
It's a friggin Nerf gun!!! Maybe the Airsoft chaps have a new toy?

I'll take the .38 weelie thankyaverymuch...
That is huge. Not really somehting that the average guy or cop would be able to holster and carry all day.

Still, for mission specific tasks, I can see how it would be very effective. I wonder, though, if it would be any better then the usual mossburg 500 or Remmy 850 and 5 - 8 bean bag rounds?

So your fucked if you have that and there are more than 3 goons approaching you. Then again someone with a real gun will laugh.

Try carrying that sucker concealed.
Why did they go and produce an entire weapon and not use the 37 and 40MM used by everyone else? Because we are le french! I beat yeu with LE FRENCH BREAD! With all the crap with the ******** rioting there they need something with a bit more oomph... like a 40MM with behive rounds :wink:

This leaves me with only one image in mind

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Yeah I don't think the airsofters around here would want to relate to this thing...
fatcat said:
OMFG, that's some funny shit. Well played, fatcat, well played. 8)
Yea I have always laughed at that hanging up at my local shooting range. Anyone out there know what kind of rifle that is he is about to drop out of fear?

AAAnnd as long as we are on the topic of french bashing.... anyone seen this picture yet?

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