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LED or Xenon

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I am a fan of both

honestly i really like the LED battery life and LED light seems to be a bit "crisper" than Xenon

i am a total Surefire slut, but (tanx to brucey) been turned on to INova LED lights
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I'd love to get an HID flashlight, but they are sooooo expensive.
brucelee said:
I'd love to get an HID flashlight, but they are sooooo expensive.


u mean:


Feature: HID (High Intensity Discharge) handheld tactical flashlight

Model: K500/03

Power: 12V / 10W

Colour temperature: 5000K

Beam divergence adjustable: 6°- 16°

Runtime and Brightness: 550 lumens / 110 minutes

Lens: tempered glass

Switch: rotary on/off switch to prevent accidental turn on and mechanical switch failure

Body: Aircraft grade aluminium, hard anodized

Housing diameter: 47mm

Bezel diameter: 82mm

Length: 260mm

Weight: 850g (30OZ) approximately

Water resistant: 3 m

Operation temperature: -15° C ……+65° C

Colour: Tactical black

Accessories options: red/IR Filters; spare bulb and Li-ion battery pack

Package: solid suitcase

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not only is the one above HID - but it has a LED tailcap which can be DETACHED and used for 45 hours @ 6 lumens.

you can get the LED in different colors to say help track blood trails or specific for night vision!

so for $500 you get 2 lights in one

only drawback is its freakin huge - not exactly a small tactical light
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