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Leash Laws?

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just got back from walking little mccrackin to school.

on the way back some older lady with 2 dogs was walking them not on a leash - with tons of kids walking to school

granted one was a smaller dog, the other was much larger and the dog breeds were not of the "labeled" aggressive breeds

but it occurred to me - not only was she breaking the law, but if one of those dogs were to attack myself or child or another child or worse be subject of an attack from another loose dog - i would totally be justified in putting the dog down

i dont even want to get started about how folks dont pick up after their dogs

my issue is that sometimes i have seen large "aggressive" breed dogs running loose around - either escaped back yards or whatever
now having her dogs off leash only compounds the problem

people just have no idea sometime i guess

last summer i was walking both of my boxers around the neighborhood when 3 coyotes came up on us - damn things thought for a second we looked like easy prey, when my female went into attack mode and the puppy into defense mode - the coyotes ran off back toward the reservation

i guess its just another example of how you can never be too cautious or aware of your surroundings or under estimate the "retard" factor of your neighbor
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I don't have the willpower to not fly off the handle on this one. So I'm bowing out early.
is that good or bad?

Bad. My parents are in an ongoing court case against a neglecting owner.
that burns my butt too!

one of my dogs is a rescue - she was in real bad shape when i got her

i wanted to draw and quarter the folks that did that to her
i did volunter work for the rescue for 2 years until time no longer permitted

i have seen some real messed up stuff
I cannot tell you how many times my wife and I have been attacked on the street while walking our past Akita by morons whith their own offleash animals.
When I say attacked I mean full on dog with teeth showing and tail at mid level aggression toward either us or our dog....who always would send them packing be they one or two dogs regardless of size.
Then whats funny is the other persons would either apologize or give us lip for their dog being almost eaten alive (!).

Where I currently live though people are much more responsible and I can't recall the last time I saw an off leash dog outside of an assigned dog park.

- Janq
I almost got into a fight with a large dog whilst walking my own (4 month old) puppy last fall. I picked up mine and was doing a circular defensive dance. Thing wasn't having it. My adrenaline was pouring out of me as I tried to evade. The old bitch that had the dog was just that, an old bitch. She tried to make excuses for it. Damnit people.
Yeah...people suck.
When they are plainly wrong/in the wrong they have the nerve to get all bent out of shape when called on it, rather than simply apologizing and saying hey man I'm sorry.

Adult children.

- Janq
i always think its funny cause in the town i work in there is an old man who always takes his dogs out to the park and puts leashes on him, yet he doesn't keep ahold of the leash haha
Yeah those people suck too as well as the flexi-lead having mofos who can't reel in their animal or control it.
Get a real leash dummy or use your free hand to pull it in.

- Janq
Janq said:
Yeah those people suck too as well as the flexi-lead having mofos who can't reel in their animal or control it.
Get a real leash dummy or use your free hand to pull it in.

- Janq

sadly if they had ever been fishing, you can just real them in!

Keep this in mind when you are walking the little McCrackin to school.
I am sure you are aware of this but here it is anyway.

It is illegal to carry:

"The grounds of any public school, other than the parking lot. In order to be legal in the parking lot the weapon must be unloaded, and, if left in an unattended vehicle, such vehicle must be locked and the weapon out of sight."

Note: This applies to AZ where he and I both live.

Would you mind running a little post with links and crap in my gun laws by state thread in the Newbie zone?

Thats good and commonly not known stuff to know which could be of use to others today or down the road, who live in AZ.


- Janq
I almost got attacked again this morning. Larger dog ran from across the street down the alley. I was keen enough to pick up my dog and keep both of them calmed down. The larger was acting quite aggressive and my adrenaline was flowing. I had my boots on so I was ready to kick the SOB... Didn't have time to do anything else though due to the fact that I would be late for work...
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