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Latest pics of my blasting trio

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Well, these guns are done for now, so I figured I'd post some pics. No more modding for these three, rather I'm going to move on to purchasing and modding new guns. Here goes...

Springfield Armory Stainless Mil-Spec .45acp

Alumagrips aluminum grip panels
Pierce rubber finger grooves
Wilson Combat grip screws
Wilson Combat extended mag release
Wilson Combat extended/adjustable trigger
Wilson Combat sear
Wilson Combat hammer
Wilson Combat 18.5# recoil spring
Wilson Combat two-piece guide rod
Wilson Combat Shok-Buff recoil buffer
Wilson Combat 8rd mags
King's Gun Works beavertail grip safety
Springfield Armory flat main spring housing from a 'Loaded'
EFK Firedragon stainless bbl bushing and compensator*

*I know feelings are mixed on these comps, but I really like it. I don't know if it is the comp design, or just the added weight to the slide and the front of the gun, but it is quite effect at reducing felt recoil and muzzle flip.
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SIG ARMS SP2340 .40s&w

Sig night sights
Sig short trigger
Hogue Handall rubber grip sleeve
SureFire Sig-1913 rail adapter
Streamlight M-3 gun mount flashlight
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Kel-Tec SU-16CA 5.56mm

Kel-Tec compact foreend
Kel-Tec sling and mount
Kel-Tec extended butt-pad
Bushmaster 'Izzy' muzzle brake and washer (not flash hider)
Bushmaster 10rd AR15 mags
Leapers 6x illuminated scope
Quantumview weaver-to-sling post adapter
Caldwell bi-pod

*Not Pictured*
Streamlight M-3 flashlight
Tasco Propoint PDP2 Red Dot scope

And now, off to find some new guns to blow money on... :twisted:

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The sig looks nice as hell man. How much was that surefire rail adaptor?
WAY too much. I think it was like $60-$70. :oops: But, on a positive note, I bought the gun used with only 100rds through it for about $200 off the going rate around here, and I got the M-3 as a sample through my previous employer, so that didn't cost me anything. I think all said including the cost of the pistol and the mods I only have about $550 or so in to it. Not bad for a Sig. :twisted: For those interested in a SigPro the newer model, SP2022, is identical to the SP2340 I have (when stock) with the upgrade to the universal 1913 rail, but they do cost a bit more.

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