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This is a thread located on and is very important to those of us that live in Los Angeles county (the land of the ANTI-CCW)

If you read it and want to help out...please let me know!

There is the thread, and copied as well for you below.

To ALL members,

I want to challenge you today. The challenge is for us to make a major impact on Californian's ability to obtain a CHL (concealed handgun license). We can do this by replacing Los Angeles County Sheriff Baca. If that happens, we could almost double the number of CHL holders in the state.

Why are CHLs important? (1) To protect yourself, your loved ones and any other innocent victims when you are away from your home in normal times, or especially after a major disaster (Remember post-Katrina New Orleans? The Rodney King riots?). (2) In case you ever are a witness to a violent crime and the perp gets out on bail. (3) In case you are ever the victim of domestic abuse or a stalker.

Why sheriffs? Because sheriffs are usually the ones who determine whether a resident within their county can obtain a CHL. Also, unlike heads of police departments, sheriffs are directly elected by the residents within their jurisdiction.

Why LA County? Acc to , there are roughly 10 million LA county residents and 28% are under 18. Let’s guess that 30% are under 21. That means there are about 7 million potential applicants. If only 2% apply, that's 140,000 applications. If only 1/4th are approved under the new sheriff, that means we’ll have 35,000 new CHL holders in California – almost doubling the total number. That gives a lot more people a vested interest in stopping restrictions upon our 2nd A rts. It will show that CHL holders in major urban centers are not a source of criminal activity, but rather, that murders, rapes, and aggravated assaults all go down when law-abiding citizens can carry ( ). A side benefit is it will cause many residents in other urban counties to pressure their sheriffs and chiefs of police to follow LA’s example. Plus, it will be such a shockwave throughout California politics that Sacramento will be less arrogant in attacking our 2nd Amendment rights to keep and bear arms.

Who to support? According to the previous thread ( ), either Ken Masse ( ) or Don Meredith ( ) would be better than Baca re CHLs. Most who have participated at CGN seem to think Masse is the better candidate. Unfortunately, we must factor in which one is more likely to beat Baca, not just which one is more CHL-friendly. Determining that will take some net searching, phone calling, and foot work by those in LA county (see Tasks below). They need to find out who is the stronger challenger to Baca and then let the rest of us know by next Wed morning.

How to support? We have 4,100 CGN members. If only 3,000 of us get 3 (or more) of our friends to join within one week, we'd have 13,100 members (remember to tell them joining CGN is FREE). If 10,000 of us then immediately send checks for $20 (or more), that will be an instant infusion of $200,000 to the pro-CHL candidate in the last 7 weeks of his campaign. I think $200,000 coming in out-of-the-blue might shake things up down there. If those 3 new CGN members in turn get 3 other people to join here, and more importantly, contribute to the campaign, that would be a $800,000 contribution! That sheriff will know who made his win possible and will know that if he does not lower the barriers to CHL issuance, 3 years from now we will organize again, this time to replace him.

I'm willing to risk $20 to try to dump Baca and I'm in the Bay Area. Mailing a check is a lot "cheaper" in time, money, and effort than printing up flyers and driving around to shooting ranges and gun stores to gather signatures. We, here at CGN forum, can have a major impact on that election if we choose. All it takes is the will to skip seeing two movies ($10 each), that you probably won’t remember 6 months later.

Timeline: EVERYBODY sends out this posting as part of an email invitation to at least 3 of their pro-2nd Amendment, pro-gun friends IMMEDIATELY. People in LA county contact each other and form organization this weekend (choose your leaders/officers and pro-2nd Amendment or pro-safety name for your org, but not one with a negative connotation, otherwise the candidate may decline your help lest he get bad PR). They carry out steps 1, 2, and 3 by next Tuesday evening. They carry out step 4 Wednesday early morning (before 7:00 am). Then EVERBODY -- hopefully including thousands of new CGN members -- goes to's "Gun rights, political, and legal" forum to see what candidate to support and IMMEDIATELY mails their $20 to that candidate and emails a ONE TIME ONLY reminder to the friends they invited to CGN to check for the chosen candidate’s name and address info. Next Wed and Thursday, step 5. So, the candidate should have a bunch of new volunteers starting in one week and get all the money within 2 weeks.

Feel free to post this on other gun/RKBA/political forums. People from out of state (friends, family, former or future CA residents, pro-2nd A people, etc.) can support this effort too.

The question is, how much do we want to win? Are we willing to spend a lousy $20 to win LA county? Are pro-CHL people in LA county willing to fight constantly for the next 8 weeks for change? If we sit on the sidelines and don’t play the game, how do we expect to win? If we don’t act now, we won’t have another chance to replace a major county’s anti-CHL sheriff with a pro-CHL one until 2010!

The only thing that is worse than having done nothing to turn this state around is to continue to do nothing. Let’s do this!

Tasks for those in LA county who want to head this up:

1. What does the local NRA Members Council/GOC people think of the different candidates? What do local deputies/police think of the different candidates?

2. How much money have the different candidates raised? How much did the last contested race cost each contestant? The best place to start would be the LA county clerk's office or registrar of voters.

3. Which challenger has the more professional and organized campaign? Which one has raised more money? Is there any polling data to indicate where the challengers stand (check with the LA Time local politics desk)? Is the other willing to quit and support his former opponent so as to not split the anti-Baca vote?

4. Leave a posting on CNG’s “Gun rights, political and legal” forum announcing the chosen challenger and his website so we know where to mail our checks.

5. LA county members work up their own email list among each other; determine the days and hours they can volunteer; contact the chosen candidate telling them how many volunteers you represent and ask them how you can help, what days & times (sons & daughters might be able to help as part of a class project); and then get at it. Determine who will promote this on other gun/RKBA/political forums and update us on your campaign and anyway those of us outside of LA can help.

We only have 8 weeks until the June elections for California’s sheriffs. Many people mail absentee ballots weeks earlier, further cutting down on our time. Before that, flyers, signs, radio spots must be made and distributed/sold & aired by the candidate’s campaign committee. Before that, staff must be hired, phones installed, etc. All this takes time and money, so you have to act immediately for this to work. There is no time to be passive, to wait for meetings, people to contact you, etc. The LA people must be active and aggressive in getting things done. Remember, this is our ONLY opportunity to impact the issuance of CHLs in Kali for the next four years until the next sheriffs elections in 2010.

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It seems LA County is not alone in residents working together to get this CCW problem resolved.
Orange County is now in the hunt too...

yucaipa @ said:
You want to VOTE for this man in the JUNE elections.

Bill Hunt, one of the candidates to replace Sheriff Carona, has made this statement about his CCW policy for Orange County:

quote: Originally Posted by Bill Hunt
"I will issue concealed weapons permits (CCW) to any applicant who is a law abiding resident of the county, meets state mandated requirements and is not prohibited by law from possessing a firearm. The current Sheriff promised to revamp the CCW process. There have been less than 1200 issued CCW`s in a county of 3 million. The majority have been given to reserve police officers, judges, prosecutors and to reward political supporters. I will depoliticize the process and establish an annual audit to review each application to ensure the process is unbiased, non-political and equitable."

This will be a primary election with very low turn out 1,000-2,000 (or more) PRO-CCW voters could move the numbers.

Educate yourself and talk to everyone you know in OC. Get everyone to the polls.

This is great opportunity for OC gun owners.This is chance to make the issue fair for YOU, and bypass Sacramento all together.
Source =

- Janq
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