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Kimber vs Springfield

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So what's the verdict?

My local shop doesn't carry Kimbers anymore because of bad experiences with Kimber's customer service. The Springers they have are 800+.

Two of the guys at Cabela's said Kimber was a little better.

I'm going to Cabela's tommorow to buy a Kimber custom for 739.00. Sound like a good deal?

I would really appreciate your input on this one.

Oh yeah I'm selling the pt1911 to a friend. The pistol was a great shooter but it lacked the refinement I thought I didn't care about.
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when i was shopping for a 1911 I had my mind made up on a Springfield TRP...until I held it.
It just wasn't that comfortable, almost was too 'sharp' in my hand.
The guy at the shop had also suggested the kimber and indicated that the two models he showed me were pretty much the same yet the kimber was slightly cheaper and in my opinion much more comfortable to hold.

I ended up with the TLE II in stainless...

I did have some FTF issues early on, once I hit the 500 round mark (or so) it's seemed to smoothed out and runs great now.

I do think it's a crock that I should have to run 500 rounds to break it in when other models function properly out of the box. However with those FTF's I learned a bit more about the gun and shooting in general, so I'll chalk that up to learning more about the pistol.

I spend alot of time reading up on this site...

they have tons and tons of information within the forum, if you need to find out anything about the 1911's you'll find it there.

(from what else I have read, I think that with your question the nod tends to go to the springfield though)

I have no regrets with my kimber purchase.
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